Author name: Dalia

I love horror and am widely considered one of the preeminent anti-critics of the genre. I consume horror and regurgitate the tales sprinkled with my fact-based opinions. As an amateur professional, I enjoy brainwashing the masses with my anti-mainstream agenda.

All Your Friends are Dead // A movie review

What do you get when a comedian and his fellow native Kentucky friend write a slasher flick produced with a budget of less than $6000? Time to ditch the creepy “teen” nudity and registry-adjacent voyeurism and get back to good old-fashioned, wholesome kills.

Friday the 13th – Just another day in the Emergency Room

Friday the 13th is here, and we all know what that means. Break out the popcorn and queue up the streaming; we’re about to watch Jason Voorhees go homicidal on some undeserving young folk. But what happens afterward? Are survivors of all these slasher flicks bogging down emergency departments across the country?