Casting Call // Horror Character Tropes for the R&B and Rap Ladies of Today

Back when we were a proper country, we had R&B and Rap titans like Brandy (I Still Know What You Did Last Summer), Rah Digga (13 Ghosts), Kelly Rowland (Freddy Vs. Jason), and Aaliyah (Queen Of The Damned) in the forefront of horror cult classics. We are slowly but surely returning back to trend with Chloe Bailey’s anticipated performance in The Exorcism and Tierra Whack’s in Jordan Peele’s HIM. The excitement around these films made me wonder – who else can slay in a slasher as a full on character? Here are Ten Character Tropes I’d cast for today’s women in Hip Hop and R&B. 

The Final Girl: Megan Thee Stallion 

The Grammy – award winning star rapper who is no stranger to the horror genre has proven her resilience in the face of adversity. As we’ve seen in her latest music video for hit song “BOA”, Meg has the moves and will kick (and shake) some ass when necessary – a recipe for the perfect final girl! I could see her in something like Freddy Vs. Jason [2003],The Texas Chainsaw Massacre [2003], Leprechaun [2003].

The Stoner Best Friend: GloRilla

Cannabis lover and overall life of the party, GloRilla always has some herb on hand and will probably run into some shenanigans along the way. Stoner horror flicks like Cabin In The Woods [2011], Friday The 13th [2009], Scary Movie [2000] would be the perfect match for the Memphis rapper.

First To Die In The Cold Open: Ice Spice 

The Bronx rapper can give a powerful yet simple performance, something impactful yet short lived. Maybe a Drew Barrymore in Scream [1997] or the shower scene in Psycho [1960]?

Sex Positive Bestie: Tinashe

Is somebody gonna match my freak?” says it all! The “Nasty” singer would be the character who advocates for safe sex moments before she got the ax. I see flicks like House of Wax [2005], X [2022], and Sorority Row [2009] for her.

The One Creating Chaos: Rico Nasty

She’s destructive, rowdy and her music alone sounds like some wreckage. Put Rico in something like The Purge: Anarchy [2014],The Strangers II: Prey at Night, or A Clockwork Orange [1971].

Romance Horror/ Thriller Love Interest: Coco Jones

The sultry “ICU” singer understands heartbreaks in ways her contemporaries just don’t. That mixed in with her excellent acting chops and killer beauty, she’d shine in something romantic like Phantom Of The Opera [2004], something campy like Tiffany in Bride Of Chucky [1998], or a messy thriller like Unfaithful [2002].

Blaxploitation Horror Love Interest: Victoria Monét

With her 70s inspired discography that would make Pam Grier proud, the Grammy – award winning singer would kill it as a blaxploitation horror character. Maybe as a foxy mama named Jaguar Brown? Just spitballing here…Some inspo movies include: Ganja and Hess [1973], Bones [2001], and Blacula [1972].

The Other Worldly Being: Doechii

Both she and her rap skills are out of this world and whether it’s a possession, vampire, or alien invasion, everything Doechii is about tells me that she would body a role in movies like The Faculty [1998] or Vamp [1986].

The Prophet That Everyone Actively Ignores: Cardi B

Hear me out! People don’t take Cardi B seriously because of respectability politics but when you actually listen, the lady makes some sense once in a while, and part of me thinks she knows something we don’t. Put her in something like 13 Ghosts [2001] as a Dennis Rafkin type. 

The Killer: Doja Cat

Her performance in the “Demons” music video confirmed that the rapper has no problem playing the villain. Because of her trolling trickster ways and dark aesthetic, I’d cast her as the killer in films like Urban Legend [1998] or as the…”misunderstood” villains like Nancy and Annie in The Craft [1996] and Misery [1990], respectively.

Who are you dying to see on this list?