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I love disturbing things, and I love TV. So, it’s no surprise I consume many shows and then sit around in a sad show hole. So when I see people who think Netflix is just for huge shows like Stranger Things and Black Mirror, I get confused. I love those shows, but there’s so much more content on the streamer for ghouls like me and you. So much that I felt the need to list a few that I don’t think enough people are talking about.

All Of Us Are Dead (2022-Present)
A zombie apocalypse breaks out and leaves a group of students trapped in their school. This South Korean action drama horror is a fun genre-blending ride with the undead. The betrayal, the blood, and the violence are all 10s across the board for me. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should get caught up before season 2 drops. 

Crazyhead (2016)
Two young women must join forces to defeat the dangerous demons running amok in their city. This horror comedy scratches the Buffy the Vampire Slayer itch, but it makes room for Black characters to get in on the fun too! It also doesn’t have the gross Whedon factor, but that’s another article. Susan Wokoma (Chewing Gum) will leave you in stitches every episode. This one season is all we have, but it’s glorious! 

The End of the F***ing World (2017-2019)
Two outcasts connect and decide to hit the road together. This show is the darkest kind of comedy, and I binged both seasons like it was my job. There’s a lot of murder, an ongoing sense of danger, and as much romance as anyone can have with a psychopath. These two seasons are nearly perfect, and I insist you watch them immediately. 

Kingdom (2019-2020)
With the king out of commission, a prince must step up to protect his people from a plague. This show gave us two seasons of period-piece horror with zombies. What more do we want? I’m still on my first trip through this epic adventure, but I’m averaging a face crack every 20-30 minutes. Also, Bae Doona (Sense 8) is in the cast, so you already know this is a quality series. 

Marianne (2019)
A horror writer must return to her hometown to defeat the evil spirit that has haunted her dreams since childhood. This French horror show deserved a second season. It opens giving us something reminiscent of Evil Dead Rise, and then proceeds to attempt to scare the bejesus out of us for the rest of the show. It’s such a good time, and I hope you hit play today. 

I know part of the reason these titles get slept on is that there are not a lot of “household names” attached to boost them to the level of popularity they deserve. However, that doesn’t mean they are not some of the best shows streaming today. I hope you give them a chance. These are just some of my favorite shows that seemed to fly under the radar on Netflix. However, there is plenty of good stuff over there deserving more attention.


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