Scream VI // A love letter to Scream fans everywhere

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Scream VI is finally in theaters, and if you’re a Scream fan like myself, I know you’ve watched it or will in the next few days. This is not a review for non-Scream fans, sorry. And if you’ve watched them and written some scathing review or thought, “meh,” go on… get! If you’re waiting to read reviews until after you’ve seen Scream VI for yourself, come back later so as not to ruin the experience.

I have a method for going into my “must-see list” of movies. I avoid all spoilers, all reviews, and opinion pieces. I did catch a little bit of a trailer because I recently hit a Cinemark theater for a special — 5 nights of classic horror movies. I share that because I want to explain that I do my best to watch new films as cold as possible. Now that that is out of the way read on for all my opinions and hopefully not a bit of spoilage… (unless you haven’t seen the first five films).

Scream VI was a Scream lover’s dream. It was bloody, brutal, and brilliant. Yes, I cried literal tears of joy. I was planted in my seat with popcorn and a sour pickle when Scream premiered in 1996 (don’t ask how old I am). I rented it on VHS at Blockbuster and watched it again and again. How dare they take my Drew Barrymore like that! I was shook, and I loved it. I have quietly squealed to myself through these decades in anticipation of each of the subsequent films in the franchise. I begged for them to leave Sidney Prescott in the past so she could have a happy ending, and then they gave us Scream (2022).

They brought Sidney back! Why oh why?? But it’s okay; they didn’t do her dirty. Although, I did fictionalize a happily ever after with her and McDreamy after Scream 3. We’ve given the woman enough trauma, so let’s move on. And what about that creepy, younger version of older Billy Loomis? Poor Skeet Ulrich scares me for no reason.

Scream VI. “New York. New rules.”
Ghostface followed the Carpenter sisters all the way to New York. Stalker much. Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) is back, but don’t we need to check in on her anyway? We did leave the woman alone last year and even more traumatized. Who else was on the poster? Aside from our fantastic foursome, oh yes, Hayden Panettiere! But I’ve been wanting to see Kirby back since Scream IV. I love her! Let’s not forget Dermot Mulroney. You get the point. More people to suspect and/or get murdered.

Guess what? I ate it all up! I’m constantly guessing. It’s her! It’s him! It’s both of them! It’s all of them! Every kill was exciting, and this movie did not disappoint. Ghostface is always too much and over the top. Yes, they trip and fall and get hit or knocked down. That’s real. Remember, Ghostface isn’t a ghost. They’re a real, moving and breathing, enraged and deranged killer.

I got everything I could have hoped for. I fell more in love with Sam and Tara. Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega were outstanding. I needed more Jasmin Savoy Brown and Mason Gooding, and we got just that. So many Easter eggs. So many subtle references and things to pull my eyes in every direction.

Was this a love letter to the Scream fan? Uh…duh! I love that I keep asking questions and answering them myself. Thanks for the memories. Thanks for giving us new faces for Ghostface. Thanks for giving us new characters to love. Thanks for the kills, and thanks for the screams!