WTF?! // 31 Days of Halloween — Day 31 (Barbarian)

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Happy 31 days of Halloween! 

This year, we’re celebrating with a different movie pick each day that made us audibly gasp, “WHAT THE FUCK?!

It’s officially Halloween, and I can share the best WTF moment I’ve seen this year. This one is the cherry on top in a year full of the best horror we’ve seen recently. Our 31st movie pick is Barbarian. Barb-bar-bar.. Bar-barbarian. Georgina Campbell (Tess) rents an Airbnb in Detroit, and things are not quite what they seem. That’s it. That was the synopsis I read, and I went in with no other information or trailers. If you still need to watch Barbarian, get on it posthaste! And stop reading; stop right now because my method for avoiding spoilers isn’t the best.

As soon as we see Bill Skarsgård, I know something is up. You all might love him, and I do, but he looks secretly evil. His eyes! Tess is here and doing all the wrong things when she finds Keith already inhabiting the home she rented in the roughest neighborhood you can imagine. Everything about this film immediately haunts me.

It’s night, and the only home lit up is the one Tess is heading to in the rain. Nothing about this neighborhood says, “Come on in!” But that’s what Tess does. You’re losing all your cool as this woman sees all the red flags and makes all the wrong choices. Please, someone, talk to this woman. Drag her off! That’s not what we get, and I am ever so grateful. Thank you for this movie, thank you for this gift, this glorious film that I will be talking about for all time.

Justin Long comes in swinging with his douche character, AJ. This guy is screaming to get taken out. No, not on a date; save the dirty thoughts for later. Shit gets super bizarre, and we have some great comedy relief to help introduce the best to come. Scary naked lady and baby AJ. Why, oh why, and who thought of this mess? I love them, of course. But I will never forget screaming and squirming and trying to drag myself further back into my seat to avoid what was happening on the screen. What the fuck?! What the fuckitty fuck, and oh, hell noooo! I will never look at a woman nursing a baby the same ever again.

Happy Halloween, monster tittie lady! And Happy Halloween to all horror fans everywhere!

"Barbarian" (2022) 20th Century Studios

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