Two Witches // A movie review

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I’ve been so lucky to be able to watch certain movies before the general public. I don’t know how that happened but super grateful for the access to so much horror. And this movie is one I’ve been able to watch twice now! Last year (October 2021), when I attended Salem Horror Fest in Massachusetts, “Two Witches was at the top of my must-watch list. So when I saw this viewing opportunity magically appear in my inbox for Fantastic Fest, I jumped at the chance to screen it again. Now I get to talk about it again and share it with a wider audience. 

I know, I know… more movies about witches? Yes, my friend. More movies about witches! Get out of here right now if you don’t want to hear about it. Go! I’m joking, stay! Stick around because this a fun movie to discuss.

“Two Witches” is written by Kristina Klebe, Maxime Rancon, and Pierre Tsigaridis and directed by Tsigaridis. Sometimes, I want to kick back and enjoy the pure entertainment value of a fun movie, and this is a movie that allowed me to do just that. I do feel, though, that everyone deserves a little information before sitting down with a new film. Be prepared, isn’t that the Boy Scout motto or something. I don’t know; we’re Team Girl Scouts in my home.

“Two Witches” checked off some of my favorite horror movie must-haves. I definitely laughed out loud a few times, had an incredible shocker moment, and was visually delighted with the blood and gore. That being said, a trigger and content warning going in will be beneficial for many people. There are moments of sexual assault and cannibalism, and this movie should be avoided if these are subject matters you cannot sit through. 

Chapter 1: “The Boogeywoman” 

Sarah and her partner Simon (Belle Adam and Ian Michaels) are having a baby, and Ian is being insensitive about her concerns. Well, she does think an elderly woman she saw once while having dinner in a restaurant is following her. Okay, strange, I’d wonder about that, too. Ian mocks her and does little to alleviate her increasing worry and fear. The thing is, someone strange does seem to be lurking in the shadows and following her every move. 

While visiting friends Melissa (Dina Silva) and Dustin (Tim Fox), Simon decides to share what he believes to be her comical, unlikely stalker story. Classic dick move. We learn that Melissa dabbles in witchcraft and wants to help Sarah rid herself of this negative energy. But we all know what happens when we mess with supernatural forces. Despite the usual jump scares and the plot being anything but new, watching this bizarrely frightening situation unfold is entertaining. It took me somewhere I could not have imagined. 

Chapter 2: “Masha” 

Rachel (Kristina Klebe) has a loving and doting mother, a wonderful boyfriend, and she has her life together. Unfortunately for her, she has a strange and awkward roommate. Masha (Rebekah Kennedy) has come into some powers (Woo-hoo, witchy woman), and to say she’s not well-adjusted is putting it lightly. Masha is the single, white female witch of roommates, and as long as you play nice, you’ll be safe. Masha is ready to take what she wants, and she’s got a magic trick up her sleeve that will surely surprise everyone.


We’ve got a grand finale to cheer on. I laughed out loud from my belly and was literally surprised. It’s not deep, it’s not a new tale, but it’s fucking fun, and it’s got just enough of the absurd and chilling to keep you entertained. And stick around for the end credits!

I hope I never spoil a movie or anyone’s good time. Not every film needs to be a masterpiece for me. I love jump scares and rarely tire of them. Sometimes I want to cringe and uncomfortably squirm in my seat. I love to shout and quietly scream into my hands. I also enjoy cheering on both sides, the monsters and the victims, in horror films. 

The horror genre is diverse; it tiptoes in and out, creating sublime and fun sub-genres. It can be beautiful, terrifying, hilarious, and devastatingly sad. There’s enough room for all of the best of our imaginations. “Two Witches” is one of those films, while not being overtly buzzed about, is good horror fun just in time for Halloween. To watch “Two Witches”, head over to

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