6 Scary Short Films Directed By Women You Can Watch For Free

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We all love watching horror movies but can’t always find the time to go to the theaters. That’s not even taking into consideration what a costly habit this is. So, I love that we can find so many amazingly creepy short films online. There are a ton of horror shorts on YouTube, and so many of them are made by women filmmakers. This is awesome because even the most casual movie watcher can’t help but notice most features are helmed by men. The statistics are always upsetting and make it hard not to be frustrated by industry bias. So, another cool thing about catching shorts on the internet is that it helps you find women filmmakers to keep an eye out for. Here are 6 shorts that I love and think you should check out!


Written and Directed by Christa Boarini

A menacing creature stalks the mangroves searching for victims. When you see the Brackish Undertaker, you will know why this short film has lived in my mind for years. Not only is this short effective, but it’s a treat for the eyes. Check out Christa’s favorite horror movies!

First Blood

Written and Directed by Olivia Loccisano

A teenage girl develops an unusual craving after getting her first period. This is the kind of period horror we need more of. There’s a lot to chew on, and I wish more media was aimed at destigmatizing menstruation. I spoke about this short with my friend Xero Gravity on The ALTER Tapes.

Inch Thick, Knee Deep

Written and Directed by Anatasha Blakely

Two women have the most tense tea time. I enjoy tea, chaos, and women who are unafraid of getting their hands dirty. This short is very much for me, and I’m happy it’s finally online so I can continue making everyone else watch it. Don’t forget to check out Anatasha’s favorite horror movies!

Kickstart My Heart

Written and Directed by Kelsey Bollig

A young woman fights through three levels of hell to survive after being hit by a car. This short gives Buffy the Vampire Slayer vibes in a modern era. I discovered it was inspired by actual events and moved it even higher up my favorites list. I covered this movie with Bobby Torrez on The Alter Tapes. You should also check out  Kelsey’s The Fourth Wall, which is a fucking delight.


Written and Directed by Lauren Sick

A woman finds herself haunted by a mysterious presence after she finds a blood-stained jacket on the road. This is a tight little Christmastime chiller in some gorgeous lighting. Nothing is as it seems in this twisted tale that put me on the edge of my seat. I dug into this short with my friend Jazzmin Crawley if you want to hear our thoughts.


Written and Directed by Chelsea Lupkin


A woman who is having a bad night finds herself on a rescue mission to save a woman trapped in the back of a van. This short keeps you on your toes and makes you giggle. I want more breakup stories to end with demonic activity in fast-food parking lots.

Let us know what are some of your favorite shorts helmed by women! Feel free to drop us a link, in case we haven’t seen it yet. Who knows, maybe this should become a regular column.