Father’s Day Horror // A streaming guide

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It’s Father’s Day weekend and I am in the mood for celebrating fun dads, scary dads, no show dads, and all of the in-betweens. What a better way than watching horror movies filled with gaslighting, possession, murdering, and all of our favorite daddy issues. Let’s start with my favorite father.

Seed of Chucky (2004) on Tubi
Chucky and his homicidal honey, Tiffany are resurrected by their gender-fluid child and hit Hollywood for all the murder shenanigans. Jennifer Tilly is smoking hot, legend John Waters plays out his superfan dreams, and Redman is making a Virgin Mary film. 

The Amityville Horror (1979) on Tubi
James Brolin, step-father, father figure, man I have drooled over… Where are our shaggy haired, bearded, hairy-chested, flannel wearing, ax-wielding legends at? I think I married one. Oh yeah, we’re talking about this movie. It’s haunted or possessed, who cares? 

Train to Busan (2016) on Tubi
Daddies Gong Yoo and Ma Dong-seok, yes, please. This was an absolute treasure to find. Great story, love the setting, the zombies, and somehow I shed tears. Put these two in more movies together.

His House (2020) on Netflix
Honestly, I’ll think of a hundred ways to plug this film. A refugee couple make a harrowing escape from war-torn South Sudan and struggle to settle in a small English town. Memories of their past and loss of their daughter plague the couple as their nightmares become all too real. Wunmi Mosaku and Sope Dirisu are superb and the story is so incredibly moving.

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