Free Horror on Tubi // Sriracha for the soul

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I’m a sucker for free and if you can blend my love of FREE with my love of horror, you have magic. Now I’m here to extend that love to you with this list of horror movies you can find on Tubi.

Seriously, who doesn’t love free stuff? Tubi has so many free movies to stream and horror titles to choose from that I’m here to make it easier on you with this list. You might be tempted to jump into Shark Side of the Moon immediately, but resist the urge and check out some of these films that are leaving Tubi soon. 

Horror is comedy

In the mood for something fun, but like, evil and silly fun? Ghoulies is the answer, my friend. I was a little girl checking toilets thanks to this flick. Seriously, just ask my siblings. Don’t forget Killer Klowns From Outer Space, but really, how could you? It expires in 14 days! We’re talking clowns here, people! Murderous alien clowns whose faces gave me nightmares. Did they have to go so hard on the makeup and prosthetics? The answer is yes. Yes, they did. You can also catch the original The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 before they’re gone. The franchise keeps expanding and somehow still surprises me. 

Horror comedies are excellent for a little light afternoon entertainment. Please, bare with me; I’m giggling my way through this list because I’m always excited to watch horror. Trollhunter was a surprise as I expected something more like Chupacabra Territory. And if you’re having trouble finding your reading spectacles for this Norwegian treat, it’s available in dubbed form as well. My sister forced me to watch Cabin in The Woods (en español on Tubi!) a few years ago, and it’s the reason I have expanded my love for horror. Apparently, I used to hate laughing. Thankfully for that intro, my horror world is open to new delights.

Rippin’ and tearin’ and what not

Let’s now leave the comfort of land-based horror and hit the murky depths of the ocean. You can have a whole Jaws marathon! The first is classic, and although we disagree on our podcast (Nightmare on 5th Street), Sea World Jaws 3-D is the best one. Don’t agree? Fight me! The scene where Jaws breaks through the glass and floods the underwater control room was so great that it was recreated in Deep Blue Sea (on my list of guilty pleasure movies, but there’s no shame on my part). 

Need a reason to cheer on the massacre? You can watch almost all Carrie films, including the original from 1976, the 1999 sequel, The Rage, and the 2002 remake, by the same name ‘Carrie. Tubi is making it way too easy to host marathon horror nights. No friends willing to join you? No problem, Carrie’s got you.

There’s also a whole mess of sequels without the originals leaving Tubi. All are still great to watch. We have Halloween II and Jamie Lee Curtis’ fantastic wig. Why wasn’t that wig given its own credit in the movie? I checked IMDB to confirm. (Oh no, it’s gone! But go check out that wig, I mean movie, after you watch all these Tubi flicks). We also mustn’t forget The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, which is the gorier, bloodier, less superior Leatherface, but I’m still watching it because gorey is glorious.

Shifting to first gear to enjoy the scenery

Okay, you need to watch Nosferatu in all its 1922 silent beauty while you’re in the depths of Tubi. We discussed this movie in our first podcast episode, which I host with my sister, because we felt it was that special. It’s premier premiere shit. When he’s not slinking around SpongeBob episodes messing with the lights, he’s creeping around at night with his coffin tucked under his arm in this loose adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Last but not least, I must mention Eve’s Bayou. It’s beautiful, brilliant, and original. I couldn’t think of another word for original that started with ‘b’. Beau ideal? Written and directed by Kasi Lemmons, its stellar cast will keep you hooked. Jurnee Smollett, Samuel L. Jackson, Debbie Morgan, and Lynn Whitfield — everyone is perfection, the story is powerful, and the film is a masterpiece.

Alright, friends, what are you waiting for? Get off your butt and plant it back in a more comfy locale to start watching these movies on Tubi before they disappear forever. Well, until they come back. Maybe…who knows? But you don’t know when that is going to happen, so get to it.

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