The First Omen Slapped And Here’s Why // A Review

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If you are a fan of demons and biblical or religious horror, then you have probably seen The Omen (1976).  The OG Omen spawned three lesser sequels and a remake that I tend to forget about. Now there is a prequel. With the track record of the previous Omen films, I was not expecting much but was excited to watch it nonetheless. I pulled up to a 9 pm Friday night showing of The First Omen during its opening weekend; I had a blast! 

A Feast For The Eyes

The visuals were the first aspect of the film that glued me to my seat. The warm colors of the sun washing over a city like Italy are a wonder for the eyes. The use of darkness to highlight macabre imagery was masterfully done. While the visuals were beautiful, many of them were also terrifying. Imagine a face veiled in black gasping with terror, so much so that the fabric presses against the teeth like a dental mold or burnt ghouls spawning out of the darkness of a corner. It might keep you up at night. 

Speaking of what is seen on the screen, the gore was surprising! Less than five minutes into the film thereis an exposed brain. There is also a scene with something being birthed that I can’t unsee. While the film leans on the Giallo aesthetic, the gore is far more realistic than your average Giallo film. The First Omen incorporates medical procedures, entrails, burn wounds, and brain matter. So, horror fans can get their fix of blood, guts and ass! 

The Devil Is In The Details

The performances were great! The movie gets a point for Ralph Ineson. However, I rarely trust his characters because they’re usually holding a dark secret. The cast does an excellent job of carrying the story and keeping viewers invested. There is a nun who embodies “unsettling” perfectly. While I enjoyed the performances, some of the character choices were questionable. 

The costumes were beautiful and detailed. If there was a lookbook with just the costumes, I would buy it. The draping fabric made the character moves even more interesting to watch on screen. The wigs were a little too noticeable. There was no reason for me to see the lace on a character’s wig. It did not help that there are a lot of close-up shots and shots that expose where the wig meets the skin. It was a bit distracting. 

The story mostly fits the storyline of The Omen (1976), except for a few retcons. Father Brennan’s background has changed a bit. The original movie finds graves, and what’s inside is not what is portrayed on the screen in The First Omen. There is an explanation for the change from the director. I liked the change and thought it added more to the lore and history of this sinister cult.

Overall, The First Omen is worth your time, especially if you need a quick demon fix on a Friday night. I recommend a double feature with The Omen (1976).  I think it’s the best addition to the franchise if compared to the other sequels. Check it out!

The First Omen is now streaming on Hulu.