What’s your favorite scary movie? Rachel Lynett edition

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I’ve known Rachel Lynett for a little over a decade now. We met and instantly trauma bonded being the only two Black playwrights in a theatre festival in Texas. Needless to say, that experience is the scary movie that I’m surprised neither of us has written. While dodging microaggressions together, I decided I was either going to be Rachel’s friend or fan because I liked the way they broke down scripts and they had the most interesting play at the festival. Luckily, for me, Rachel chose friendship. It has been so cool to watch them win all of these amazing playwriting awards and begin branching into TV and film. 

If you watched The Winchesters, you’ve probably seen Rachel’s work because they wrote on that Supernatural spin-off. Because I’ve known them for so long, I found this funny because I was there when they began to realize they consume way more horror content than they thought they did. I even handed them the invitation to sit at the horror nerd’s table they didn’t know they belonged at. So, whenever they mention they’re up for something in the genre I giggle a little before saying congrats and asking for more details. Anywho, I knew when Rachel signed onto The Winchesters they were also agreeing to be bothered for an article like this like all of my other friends in the industry. Luckily, for me, Rachel brought another amazing list to the table to keep the streak going. Let’s dive in already because I talk (write) too much! 

Happy Death Day (2017)
Where You Can Watch: VOD
A young woman will continue repeating the day of her murder until she finds out the identity of her killer. This movie was such a fun and exciting slasher when it came out. It was like Groundhog Day for millennial horror fans. So, a way better version of that movie if I may share a cold take. Because I know Rachel Lynett leans more toward horror comedies, I should’ve expected this one on the list. However, I’m pleasantly surprised it’s here. Now I want to ask how they felt about the sequel. 

Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022)
Where You Can Watch: Showtime
When a group of rich, young frienemies throws a hurricane party at an isolated mansion, the constant backstabbing leads to a very deadly evening. Because Rachel and I saw this together and cackled through it I knew they enjoyed it. However, I didn’t know it was one of their favorites until now. This makes sense because a few years ago they wrote a play called Rich Bitch that this movie always makes me think of. 

Scream V (2022)
Where You Can Watch: Paramount+
New Ghostface murderers are disrupting the quiet town of Woodsboro again, but this time it’s not really about the original trio. I saw this one with Rachel too, and we couldn’t stop talking about it. I’d been meaning to ask if they preferred 5 or 6 more and this answers that question. Unlike us, Rachel Lynett didn’t grow up memorizing the original films word for word. However, after watching this one they went back to see the movies in order. As all of us horror nerds know, you love a movie when you’re willing to do the homework in this economy.

Clue (1985)
Where You Can Watch: Prime Video
Six guests are invited to a mansion for dinner, but instead, end up trying to figure out who among them is a murderer. This is the only board game adaptation that has ever worked for me. In part because it’s not taking itself seriously even as the bodies pile up. Plus the cast was the stuff of legends! This is the fourth movie on this list that has big mistrust and betrayal energy. This is perfect timing because I was about to say, I think this favorite likes the whodunnits. I find that ironic because they’re one of the few people I know who read spoilers on purpose before seeing a movie.

The Stepford Wives (2004)
Where You Can Watch: VOD
A woman moves into a strange community where all the wives seem off. This remake goes in such a different direction than the first film that you find yourself rooting for it. Where the 1975 film kept it serious, this one comes out of the gate with the humor you need to make this world work. It also put Nicole Kidman and Bette Midler together in the genre. I’m not going to lie, that’s so iconic that I’m not sure how society moved on from it. I also love this movie being on the list because having your husband trade you out for a more compliant model of yourself is terrifying. It’s also not so far off from the world that most Republicans seem to want.

Rachel’s backup in case I was one of the horror gatekeepers that act like horror can only be one thing, was Ready or Not. This is another movie that I love also by Radio Silence (the team that gifted us two of my favorite Scream movies). I introduced this one to Rachel when a little birdie was helping them realize they consume a lot more of the genre than they’re aware of. 

Now that Rachel Lynett is one of your favorites too, you should keep up with their work. Check out their website to follow their plays and get updates on future film/TV projects. You can also probably pick up copies of their published scripts there. Also, watch The Winchesters because they wrote one of my favorite episodes found on the CW last season.