What’s your favorite scary movie? J Deschamps edition

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J Deschamps is possibly one of my favorite editors I’ve had the pleasure of virtually meeting. I met J because I’ve found myself obsessed with a show you’ve probably heard me mention here a few times (or all the times) called Slasher. Because I’m very loud about the things I love, we found each other online. J has very graciously given me, and so many of my friends, a peek behind the curtain of this bloody show.

J is just another really nice person working hard in the horror world to give us nightmares. So clearly, we’re huge fans. You might’ve seen J’s name listed in movies like The Cradle and Living Death. Or from the plethora of reality TV on this resume. Like most of the other Slasher folks I’ve bothered about this list, J has an impressive knowledge and respect for horror cinema. This became very evident when I read this list. Without further ado, I give you another list of bangers from one of my favorite people working in the industry.

Suspiria (1977)
Where You Can Watch: Tubi
A dance student discovers that her new school is into the dark arts. This movie is a staple and arguably one of Dario Argento’s best movies. I find it relatable as someone who survived a pretty evil theatre program myself. However, it’s also a whole vibe from a design standpoint. Knowing what I know about J’s work, I’m not surprised this is on the list. After all, can you work on Slasher without an appreciation for Giallo? While J is a huge Argento fan, J specified that this won out in part because “the colors and the soundtrack are so hypnotic.”

Alien (1979)
Where You Can Watch: Hulu
The crew of a spacecraft refuses to listen to a woman and instead pisses off the wrong alien lifeform. We love to see lessons get learned! I’m noticing that a lot of my favorites list this movie as one of their favorite horror films. That makes me happy because it means my favorites understand what a horror movie is unlike some pockets of the internet. I discovered Alien is on the list because it scared the crap out of J as a kid and still gets under J’s skin today. This reaffirms the fact that it’s a horror movie that takes place in space.

The Fog (1980)
Where You Can Watch: Prime Video
A mysterious fog takes over a small town and brings supernatural problems along for the ride. I don’t think this John Carpenter and Debra Hill collaboration gets enough love. So, I’m happy someone finally picked it for this column! J picked this one over the usual favorite Carpenter films, Halloween and The Thing, because the slow burn and cinematography is a vibe that is unmatched. I agree on all levels. It’s just good creepy fun, and I support this agenda.

Poltergeist (1982)
Where You Can Watch: VOD
A conservative family discovers their house is haunted. J saw this at a drive-in as a kid, so it holds a special place. J also gives credit to the Spielberg effect of making you believe whatever he’s selling on the page could happen. Because this is the Tobe Hooper film most of my favorites have brought to this column, I am starting to think I am not alone in thinking this is one of his best movies. However, I know the internet isn’t ready for that conversation. So, I will just keep letting my favorite industry folks build that case for me.

Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
Where You Can Watch: VOD
Teens must fend for their lives against a serial killer that stalks them in their dreams. Anyone with taste knows Wes Craven did the damn thing with this movie. However, I’m always embarrassingly excited to see my favorites give this movie some love on these lists. Like many of us, A Nightmare On Elm Street inspired J to go into making movies. I can see those influences with the things J has brought to the Slasher editing table. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing J discuss suggestions J made while editing that made the final cut so much more gruesome and off-putting. I live.

Because J is a film connoisseur, the list of five runner-up movies was provided with the above list. I allowed it because I agree with the ones I’ve seen and think you should watch them too. J’s cheats that I’m sharing because I’m mad with power are Carnival of Souls (1962), Black Christmas (1974), Dressed to Kill (1980), The Descent (2005), and Evil Dead (2013).

Another one of my favorites bringing another unimpeachable list to the table. Who could have seen this coming? (I did. That’s why I turned my computer on and got into the upright position.) Anywho, if you want to see what cool stuff J Deschamps is getting up to, I highly suggest you follow J on Instagram, Twitter, and this cool website staticmotionpictures.com. I’m also telling you, for the billionth time, to check out J’s work on Slasher.