WTF?! // 31 Days of Halloween — Day 26 (Speak No Evil)

Happy 31 days of Halloween! 

This year, we’re celebrating with a different movie pick each day that made us audibly gasp, “WHAT THE FUCK?!

I tried to keep newer films off this list, but I couldn’t help myself. Day 26, I am getting into the what the fuck of Pandora’s boxes… Speak No Evil. I don’t know if I can discuss this movie without giving away heavy spoilers and the best thing about the film is the surprise of where it’s headed and how it gets there.

Speak No Evil is written by Christian Tafdrup and Mads Tafdrup and directed by the former. It stars Morten Burian and Sidsel Siem Koch as our Danish couple and Fedja van Huêt and Karina Smulders as our Dutch couple. They meet on holiday, and the Danish couple and their daughter are invited to visit the Dutch family at their home. Strangers visiting strangers, what could go wrong?

Bjørn and Louise are immediately uncomfortable at the Dutch home. Huge red flags are being tossed everywhere. Yet, they continue their stay as they discover lie after lie and deal with increasingly terrifying behavior from their hosts. Even when their daughter is in danger, they keep on keeping on.

Once the what the fuckery begins, there’s no end. Our hosts, Patrick and Karin, are all too comfortable and TMI about everything! And I am just left confused, screaming practically at every decision made by Bjørna and Louise. It wouldn’t be a horror movie if they were smart. I hated them so much, which is why I love this movie. 

What the fuck is wrong with these people? Why the fuck won’t they leave? What the fuck are they thinking? When the fuck will they decide they’ve had enough? And a final thought, because I’m Mexican, that’s what you get.

"Speak No Evil" (2022) Nordisk Film