Unidentified Objects // A movie review

I recently took an impromptu road trip to Colorado with my partner. I love road trips. I can never succinctly or eloquently say why other than to say I love the freedom of being able to just drive and escape whatever it is that’s mentally troubling me. Travel is a great band-aid to my hurt soul and my mental health. It doesn’t cure, and I can’t ever completely escape it, but it’s a wonderful break.

Why horror?

Whether it was the first horror movie or the first we can remember watching, “Return of the Living Dead” was the beginning of our decades-long love for horror.

Friday the 13th – Just another day in the Emergency Room

Friday the 13th is here, and we all know what that means. Break out the popcorn and queue up the streaming; we’re about to watch Jason Voorhees go homicidal on some undeserving young folk. But what happens afterward? Are survivors of all these slasher flicks bogging down emergency departments across the country?