More frightening found footage for your watch lists!

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The world of found footage is vast and quite scary if I do say so myself. People don’t often appreciate the creativity that comes with found footage as a subgenre in horror. Of course, there are relatively popular films like The Blair Witch Project or franchises like Paranormal Activity, but there are a lot of films out there aside from those. If you are just getting into the subgenre or are merely exploring, then it can be daunting. Try not to fret though because I’ve got a flashlight to guide everyone through this list.

Instead of listing off the found footage horror films that horror fans are mostly familiar with. I’ve decided to go the route of listing off some of what I consider to be underrated found footage horror flicks. Fingers crossed there’s something for you on this list.

The Tunnel (2011)
Creature features are mostly effective when the monster is handled well. The Tunnel follows a journalist and her crew who seek out a story regarding abandoned railway tunnels. But what they find is a creature that eats people. The film captures an uncomfortable feeling as soon as the crew enters the tunnels. Immediately, there is a sense of danger that the characters don’t fully take seriously. Until one of their own gets taken by the creature in another room. As the film goes on, the fight for survival becomes more and more urgent.

The Den (2013)
The concept of taking people’s fears surrounding the “dark web” and making it into the premise of a horror movie is genius. The Den follows a young sociology student who discovers a murder on the social media site she’s studying for her graduate project. It’s an incredibly violent and eerily shot found footage horror film shot in screenlife as well. The film doesn’t let up, the main character tries her best to expose the killers, and the ending is very unnerving. If folks are looking for something with a creepy premise, this is a great choice.

As Above, So Below (2014)
As Above, So Below follows a group of folks that travel through the Catacombs of Paris and unfortunately find themselves in hell. It’s not a stretch to say this is a top-notch found footage flick. The characters have their own personalities and motivations, including the main character, Scarlett (Perdita Weeks) who seeks the philosopher’s stone. If you are claustrophobic, then this film may elicit a lot of uncomfortable feelings. The characters struggle tremendously to get into the Catacombs and out of hell. People being stuck in hell and having to come to grips with their secrets is interesting. There are plenty of scares and surprises throughout to keep your attention.

Hell House LLC Trilogy (2015 – )
Despite how the first film is the best, the Hell House LLC trilogy is a tremendous binge for any found footage horror lover. The Hell House LLC films focus on the Abbadon Hotel and the disturbing history that it holds. The first film, in particular, builds up so much tension and fear in the characters and us as the audience. Naturally, there are secrets and realizations that people come to way too late. And people do indeed die in gruesome ways throughout all three films. Throughout the trilogy, more and more details are revealed regarding why the hotel is haunted and what the endgame is for the entities that reside in the Abbadon. If you’re looking to be terrified, then I suggest watching Hell House LLC at night with the lights off. I can guarantee you’ll have a hard time sleeping. We also are apparently getting a fourth film!

Godforsaken (2020)
Godforsaken follows some folks who travel to a small town to document bizarre occurrences that eventually turn deadly. The thing about found footage is that it often feels very real, and this film is no different. Everyone comes across as real people you’d find in a small town, especially very religious people that wouldn’t question “miracles” happening. The longer the characters stay, the worse the circumstances get. And the final twenty minutes of the film are so batty that you’ll be begging for the characters to escape. The desperation and fear is practically felt through the screen. It’s very much worth checking out!