Who Invited Them - A Shudder Exclusive Movie

Who Invited Them? // A Shudder Exclusive

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“Who Invited Them?” is the latest Shudder Original Film streaming exclusively on Shudder (’cause duh…Shudder Exclusive). On September 1st, we were treated to this delectable delight with horror-comedy stars Ryan Hansen and Melissa Tang as Adam and Margo. In “Who Invited Them?”, these characters host a housewarming party so successful that a stylish couple lingers long after all the other guests have gone home. Who doesn’t want to be known for throwing such great parties, right? Or maybe not so much after seeing this flick.

Melissa Tang plays wife, mom, and introvert a little too well. I couldn’t help but feel I was spying on a genuine, too true-to-be-fiction night in someone’s home. Don’t you fret, though; we still get served the standard “we got the house for a steal” subplot to toss in as our horror trope of the day. Not all horror tropes are bad, people. There’s a reason we see them time and time again. Well this one is just the right amount of tropiness (word? I vote yes!) to stop this train from heading into a Lifetime movie of the week.

I couldn’t help but love our over-sharing uninvited guests, Sasha and Tom, played by Perry Matfield and Timothy Granaderos. They quickly went from uninvited to party-crashing neighbors extraordinaire topped with a dollop of new friends titling when one night cap leads to another. I had such an enjoyable time watching as one awkward moment led to a series of wondering, “When is this party going to end? What are these two shit-disturbers up to?” The humor is dark, and the horror is, well, I’m glad they let the tension build up because I enjoyed watching Sasha and Tom and their sinister shenanigans.

Ready to dig into this delightful dish? Head over to Shudder now to watch “Who Invited Them?”

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