Author name: Dalia

I love horror and am widely considered one of the preeminent anti-critics of the genre. I consume horror and regurgitate the tales sprinkled with my fact-based opinions. As an amateur professional, I enjoy brainwashing the masses with my anti-mainstream agenda.

Vacations Gone Wrong // 5 Horror Movies begging you to stay home

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on reddit Reddit Share on email Email We all know how chaotic vacations can get. Even with the best laid out plans and an attitude of laissez les bon temps roulez, shit will still go down regardless. So why tempt fate with your own bad energy?  …

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Unidentified Objects // A movie review

I recently took an impromptu road trip to Colorado with my partner. I love road trips. I can never succinctly or eloquently say why other than to say I love the freedom of being able to just drive and escape whatever it is that’s mentally troubling me. Travel is a great band-aid to my hurt soul and my mental health. It doesn’t cure, and I can’t ever completely escape it, but it’s a wonderful break.

Gerardo Preciado and Cult of VHS

A chat with Gerardo Preciado // Music, Comics, and VHS tapes

I like silent comics, without dialogue. People think that dialogue equals stories, but to me stories are more about what happens. That comic book was actually a dream. Normally when you have a dream, it is like you are experiencing things. In that dream, I was a fly on the wall in an apartment. It was very intense for me.