Fantastic Fest

Two Witches // A movie review

When I saw this viewing opportunity magically appear in my inbox for Fantastic Fest, I jumped at the chance to screen it again. I know, I know… more movies about witches? Yes, my friend. More movies about witches! Get out of here right now if you don’t want to hear about it. Go! I’m joking, stay! Stick around because this a fun movie to discuss.

Unidentified Objects // A movie review

I recently took an impromptu road trip to Colorado with my partner. I love road trips. I can never succinctly or eloquently say why other than to say I love the freedom of being able to just drive and escape whatever it is that’s mentally troubling me. Travel is a great band-aid to my hurt soul and my mental health. It doesn’t cure, and I can’t ever completely escape it, but it’s a wonderful break.

satanic hispanics movie review

Satanic Hispanics // Panic at the Satanic Disco

Satanic Hispanics! Okay, so I had trouble saying this out loud ten times fast. I heard that if you said it ten times in front of a broken mirror, then “The Traveler” would appear. Or maybe that’s just my sister messing with me. Either way, this movie is bonkers and I cannot wait for you all to watch it. Just in time for Hispanic Heritage Month, Satanic Hispanics is premiering at Fantastic Fest and I just want to say, “Me siento muy… excited!”